Dead Possum Removal 

Quick & Safe Dead Possum Removal Only For You In Canberra

With over years of experience, 711 Possum Removal Canberra became a veteran in the industry of dead possum removal from residential and commercial spaces. Our dead possum removal Canberra team has gained extensive knowledge through all these years and adapted themselves to their work. To serve you to our best capabilities, our dead possum removalists trained extensively and are now holding HACCP certificates. 

Moreover, our research and development team came up with a wide range of systemic programs to completely remove dead possums from roofs. So when you get the chance of grabbing our dead possum removal Canberra services, do not miss taking our help. Because we check all the possible areas of your Canberra property where possums might leave their last breath, so simply call on 02 6188 7105 and avail of our services!

Dead Possum Removal Service

A Procedure We Follow In Order To Remove Possum Carcasses Quickly

We have expertise in how to safely discard the carcass of a dead possum without disturbing your everyday work. See how our dead possum removal Canberra team works to make it a successful and quick removal. 

  1. Pre-Inspection For Dead Possums 
  2. It is important to know that it is not always easy to find the location of dead possums exactly. However, our experts are experienced and well-trained in sensing the presence of dead possums through their smell. By following this smell of a dead possum, we reach the location of the possum’s death in no time. 

  3. Dead Possum Removal Process
  4. With the involvement of advanced equipment and the right technology, our dead possum removal Canberra team does safe removal. During the step, we make sure to wear protective gear, goggles, masks and gloves. Then we take the possum carcass in a plastic bag and dispose of it safely. Also, we make sure to leave behind no traces of dead possum carcasses and assure desirable results. 

  5. Follow-Up Post-Inspection 

After we secularly remove the carcass of a dead possum from your Canberra property, we conduct another inspection. Because this gives us the assurance that dead possums are completely eliminated from your place. Another follow-up we do is to seal away all the access points of possums’ entry into your place. 

Our Dead Possum Removal Canberra Services Are Surprisingly Budget-Friendly

Throughout the year we keep getting requests for dead possum removal services from locals in Canberra and its suburbs. In fact, we get slot bookings from residential as well as commercial premises in Canberra city because of our budget-friendly prices. In fact, you will be amazed to know that our budget-friendly services involve the use of eco-friendly solutions as well as state-of-the-art equipment. 

Moreover, you can appoint our dead possum removalists for same-day, next-day as well as emergency services at affordable costs. Because despite the service you count on us for, we always prioritise keeping your concerns in our mind with the service cost. Our dead possum removal Canberra service also includes pre-inspection and post-inspection with no additional charges.

How Did We Become The Most Recommended Team In Canberra? 

Providing excellent dead possum removal Canberra services is not the only priority we have towards our clients but also many more. For example, we offer same-day service, our experts are efficient and polite. There are also many more reasons why you need to contact our company for our most recommended dead possum removal services.

  • We have unparalleled knowledge about the industry and we offer customised dead possum removal methods.
  • To reach your place as soon as possible in order to provide timely fashion service, we dispatch our local experts.
  • Our dead possum removalists are certified as well as licensed and check the same before we recruit them.
  • As we understand the fact that possums are legally-protected animals, despite the death, we give them safe burial.
  • Also, we offer obligation-free quotes and advice once the dead possum removal service is done.
  • When it comes to service appointments, we take them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 12 months a year. Including holidays!

Call 711 Possum Removal Canberra For Effective Dead Animal Removal Canberra Services

Does the dead possum in your garage make you smell unbearable odours for a week now? You need not bear this unpleasant experience if you get in touch with us and hire our dead possum removal Canberra team. We remove dead possum in roof, from backyard, garage, under the deck, etc. From doing the dead possum removal inspection to fixing our minds to a removal plan, we do everything step-wise. So, contact us immediately and get yourself out of this crisis with our possum removal experts! 


Are your dead possum removal treatments safe at my Canberra home? 

Yes, because we use approved dead possum removal Canberra tactics. Moreover, we visit those areas where possum carcasses are found to avoid unnecessary movement. So you can be worry-free to contact our team. 

Is it okay if I do dead possum removal on my own? 

No, it is highly dangerous for you to be around dead possum carcasses as possums spread diseases despite their death. So oftentimes you may be under attack by infectious diseases even after taking all the necessary precautions.

What are the reasons I keep finding dead possums on my property? 

One of the common places for possums to get attracted to residential properties is the high and dark areas in them. Some of those are crawl spaces, storage rooms, garages, decks and basements. Hence, when they get to live in these areas of your Canberra property. Thus, you keep seeing possum carcasses again and again.

How long do I need to wait if I book your emergency dead possum removal exterminators? 

All you have to wait for our emergency possum removal exterminators is hardly one hour or so. Because we dispatch our team immediately after bookings. Therefore, if you want to book our dead possum removal exterminators, you can book us any time of the day. We are available around the clock! 

What kind of equipment do you use for dead possum removal? 

There are many reasons for possum death. They are vehicle accidents, exposure to harmful chemicals and cold temperatures. Hence, we act according to the situation and use on-trend equipment that assures to give effective results no matter what. Trust in our advanced equipment!