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Possum Removal Methods 

Environment Friendly Methods For Possum Removal

Do you know the reasons why possums get into your property despite being commercial or residential? We know. Because possums choose their habitat as tree hollows and deeply-burrowed holes. However, the absence of these three hollows in urban areas leads possums to get onto your roofs, through the electrical wiring and ceilings. 

One of the solutions you are looking for possum control measures at your property is to block away all the access points like holes and gaps of these pests. There are also cruelty-free possum control methods like fencing them out, using ultrasonic possum repellents and installing a possum box. Note- Make sure your prevention measures against possum control aren’t harming them in any way. 

There are very important possum removal methods where professionals use one-way exits, baits, electrical trappings and chemical-free deterrents. Professionals execute all of these methods where possums frequent and other every point leaving them no place to hide. So, as soon as possums are out of your property, we remove all these baitings, repellants and other equipment.

There are also frequent cases where professional removal methods include the utilisation of right-size cages; that are at least 12 inches wide and 32 inches long. Once all the possums in your property are safely caged with those cages, experts remove them within a 50 m radius of your property. In fact, during all this possum removal method implementation, possum removal experts surely follow Wildlife Control Guidelines. 

Possum Removal Methods Service

Services 711 Possum Removal Canberra Offers 

  • Identify the possum type to customise a right possum removal method 
  • Make sure to investigate your property from the attic to the bottom to the top of your property’s roofs 
  • Once traps are removed, we find suitable materials like an aluminium foil for possum-proofing the complete area. Also, mesh and galvanised tin are used
  • Give you the assurance that possums will not chew electrical wiring and get into your homes
  • Our certified experts re-nail the loose iron welding and replace the broken tiles if any
  • Checking if there are any chances of electric outage occurrences during possum removal
  • Also, it is necessary, we also check the tree holes in your property for effective results
  • Areas like chimneys, crawlspaces and subfloors attract possums the most, so we inspect them too 
  • Oftentimes, we do cementing also because possums get deeper into the rooftops 
  • In fact, baitings kept for rodents like rats and mice attract possums indoors. Therefore, we first inspect them as soon as possible. 

So, it is a wise decision if you contact us at 02 6188 7105 for immediate possum removal methods as we offer on-time service. Do not worry about the possum method implemented at your home as we do it only after possum inspection.