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5 Things That Attract Possums To Your House - 711 Possum Removal Canberra

5 Things That Attract Possums To Your House

5 Things That Attract Possums To Your House

Possums To Your House

Possums are the most notorious creatures. Belong to wildlife, but can be found easily everywhere. Keeping them away from entering the house is the biggest struggle. They may enter our living space too and make it their own habitat.  Here are the 5 things that attract possums to the home that can be taken care of.

5 Common Things That Attract Possums To Your Home

Common Things That Attract Possums

1. Bird Seeds

In the time of modernisation, the number of buildings is increasing day by day. Therefore the love for calm, serenity, and tranquillity has been lost. Nowadays people have started loving nature and are trying to create the natural aura of birds and trees. Many people love to keep birds as their pets. Some people love to feed birds. Though, it is quite messy.

Hence, they keep bird feeders and baths on the lawn of their homes. Possums usually look for bird seeds. Raccoons and squirrels are tempted by them, hence leading to the lawns of your house. Once the possums enter your lawn, it’s crucial to keep the door of your house tightly shut so that they may not enter. Hence, it is important to clean the bird feeder from time to time so that no possums may enter.

2. Certain Fragrances

In the drainage pipes, food settles down sometimes. It is a great signal for the possums to enter. Possums are good at sensing fragrances. Good food is always tempting. In case your food is left unprotected then definitely it’s going to be the food of possums if it is present at your place.

Moreover, the smell of food while cooking or any unusual smell attracts the Possums and then ultimately leads to breaking the house. Another major issue is that, due to some urgent call, we leave our dishes unwashed in the washing area. Pilling up the dishes with half-filled water leads to the moving of insects and mosquitoes around them. Hence, it is important to develop a habit of cleaning dishes after every meal or at the end of the day so that no possums may be fascinated.

3. Pet food

Among the other 5 things that attract possums to your house, pet food is the top attractant. Pet food has a fascinating smell that attracts possums. Possums are tempted towards the pet food and hence end up breaking into your house. Possums may eat the food which you have bought for your pet. At least it would end up without even your acknowledgement.

Cat food and dog food has the most different smell that attracts the possums as it contains fats, sugar, oil, and many other nutrients. Sometimes while feeding the pets, we don’t notice much about the spilled one on the floor, it may lead to the welcome of the possums.

4. Food

Possums are not selective eaters. They enjoy the leftover food present in the bins or at garbage stations. Possums never say no to any foodstuff. Once they enter your house, they won’t turn down any food item. As you move around, possums will attack the foodstuff which is present in your kitchen or in fact lying on your dining table. Possum once entered may hunt for the food in the kitchen cabinets. They may chew the door rubbers and enter the cabinets and spoil the food present there.

Moreover, they eat all types of fruits, vegetables, plants, meat, cheese, butter, and much more. They particularly like sweet potatoes. Possum also enjoys the leftover bones of dead animals. Moreover, possums do love sugary food products like cheese and peanut butter. Marshmallows and much more. All you need is to take care of all the cracks and open ends present in your home.

5. Shelter

Each living creature hunts for a comfortable shelter to survive. As the climate changes everyone moves to their warmth zones, either animals or humans. Possums are the clever ones that may break into your house and create a warmer environment for themselves.

Possums usually find a shelter to sleep/rest. Once they find no movement at the place, they come out of their shelter in hunt of food. Mostly they prefer doing a thing at night or dark. They do prefer entering basements, garages, and stores. Or even elevated locations. Possums feel safe at these places.

To Conclude

It’s a keen challenge for people to keep possums away from their homes. You should look after small things in order to save and maintain a healthy environment in our house. Our aim of this article is to make you aware of the 5 things that attract possums to your house.  Simple habits and rituals performed on the daily basis, cleaning the bin, and kitchen, wiping out the floor, and much more keeps the possums away from your home. And if the possum has already infested your property, call for a professional possum removal service