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About Us - 711 Possum Removal Canberra

About Us

711 Possum Removal Canberra: Your One-Stop Solution

The 711 Possum Removal Canberra is a pest control company that uses humane methods to remove possums from homes and other structures. We also offer possum removal services for commercial properties. The services of our company are really good. Our company was established 25 years ago and has been operating in the ACT ever since. We are an Australian family-owned business, with a focus on providing quality service at competitive prices. Our objective is to provide a reliable, superior service that is supported by genuine guidelines based on years of experience.

Our experts have been leading a professional possum management company with experience in possum relocation and setting up possum traps, and possum control. Our team for Possum Removal Canberra is skilled in doing all possum removal jobs efficiently.

711 Possum Removal Canberra company was first opened 25 years ago. The company’s owner founded the business because he wanted to see everyone happy and also his respect for the native Australian flora is adorable. He wanted to help people live in peace with native wildlife by helping them remove possums in a safe and compassionate manner.

Catching and relocating possums from houses and other structures will always remain our main service. As a result, several clients consider us to be Canberra’s best possum removal company. We have saved many possums from danger as well as families from possum danger.

Our Aim

To give our customers always helpful responses and 24/7 hours availability, we have served lakhs of people in Canberra. Our service providers are prompt and consider their first duty to control possums that may bother you in any way.

Professional Possum Removal Services By Our Company

  • Dead Possum Removal
  • Emergency Possum Removal
  • Same Day Possum Removal
  • Residential Possum Removal
  • Commercial Possum Removal
  • Backyard Possum Removal
  • Underdeck Possum Removal
  • Pre-Purchase Possum Inspection

Company’s Terms and Conditions:

In most cases of Possum Removal Canberra, our expert possum catchers are always trying to give possible help to the people by offering them free estimates, quotes and advice whenever they need possum extermination and possum catching services. However, if the information we have indicates the following, our staff may recommend a service charge for investigations:

  • When our team comes and finds that possum is bothering you but the customer won’t first authorize our treatment costs.
  • For large structures of the property, we charge extra.
  • Or when we notice that your property is in poor condition, or undergoing construction in it.
  • The customers’ opinions do matter in any situation. So, we charge extra when we feel the client simply needs advice or an opinion or long-term service plans.
  • When the renter asks for an estimate but wants the owner’s or property owner’s permission without having paid for any required maintenance.