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Possums can be extremely obstinate and harm your possessions. In addition to causing harm to your property, it can also have a negative impact on your health. Contact 711 Possum Removal Cost, Canberra’s most reputable company, for the greatest services if you want to avert this. Our team is knowledgeable and competent at providing the services. Please contact us if you notice any symptoms or possums in your area. since it is illegal and dangerous to handle possums on your own. Our team is skilled at carrying out the task while still following the safety and security regulations imposed by the higher authorities. As a result, the workflow is seamless and free of barriers.

Each technique used by our professionals to get rid of possums is appropriate for a particular type of possum infestation. Possum removal techniques heavily depend on a number of variables. Possum removal cost Canberra may change based on this. The cost is affected by the size of the area where our inspectors search for possums, the number of holes that must be patched, etc.

Our professionals are indeed very experienced and well-versed. These credentials enable us to provide our clients with the best services at the most affordable possum removal cost Canberra. All of the services we provide are very reasonably priced and comprehensive. Due to the tactical method taken by our professionals in dealing with the possums, we investigate every corner and crevice of your property. We will be able to locate the openings from which they enter the property with a thorough examination. Possums can be quite dangerous because they can seriously harm your family’s health. Get professional possum removal services as soon as possible to avoid this.

Our professionals will assist you by providing services that will give you a great deal of satisfaction, even though determining the reason for the possum infestation requires a lot of work. Our professionals will complete the project successfully for affordable charges that won’t strain your budget. After the job is finished, we even educate our clients on the precautions they should take to guard against future infestations.

Possum Removal Service Cost

Possum Removal Costs In Canberra

Possum removal cost Canberra will depend on a number of variables and aspects. The price varies based on the service provided. Whether possums are being removed alive or dead, it is crucial to complete the task completely. When working with living creatures, it is our duty to seize them and remove them off your property to a location that is more similar to their natural habitat. We remove them and dispose of them in the instance that it is dead. We offer affordable prices for possum removal in Canberra for all properties that is ranging from $380 +GST with 12 months warranty.

For Single-Story Buildings*

Possum Removal – Single Storey Building:
$280 + GST (12-Month Warranty)
$450 + GST (24-Month Warranty)

For Two Story Buildings*

Possum Removal – Two Storey Building:
$320 + GST (12-Month Warranty)
$500 + GST (24-Month Warranty)

We even block each and every entry point from which the possums can possibly enter. As a result, we charge you based on all of these parameters as well as the ones listed below:

  • Cost variables
  • weather conditions
  • Possum species
  • What kind of property do you have—commercial or residential?
  • Size of the property, 
  • Total time duration 

All of the aforementioned factors can affect the estimated cost, which can then change. As a result, the Possum removal cost Canberra is extremely variable and determined by a number of factors. Call 02 6188 7105 to speak with us and receive free estimates.

Why Should You Choose Our Possum Removal Experts? 

Staying within the same property as the possums might be challenging. Therefore, it’s crucial to figure out the finest strategies to get rid of them. We are able to relate to your difficulties and assist you in locating the ideal resolution to your issues. Possums are highly evasive by nature, making it risky to deal with them alone. Additionally, it is not advisable to remove dead possums because they frequently become contaminated with fungi and other microorganisms.

You will have a wider understanding when picking our expert possum removal services as a result of all these considerations. The following are the benefits you can enjoy by choosing us:

  • Possum removal in Canberra is extremely inexpensive and easy on the pocket. It’s because the Possum removal cost Canberra is quite decent.
  • To ensure that you only pay for the services you receive, we take a variety of things into account before determining the price of the services.
  • Our team’s professionals are all very proficient and knowledgeable.
  • Our specialists even provide emergency services to the residents of Canberra because we recognise the urgency.
  • For a flexible booking system, our customer service team is available around-the-clock.

Locations Where We Can Provide Our Services

You can call us at our company number if the damage possums do to your property is causing you discomfort and distress. Schedule a meeting right away to engage our team. Since we are a local company, we have extensive distribution around Canberra. As a result, you can rely on us to provide the services as scheduled. You are free from having to cope with the havoc that possums can bring about. You will be saved by our experts who are qualified to provide the best possum removal services. You can get the greatest remedy for your issue for a fair fee. 

Make an appointment with us right away to have early access to our services. The following are the places where we can offer our services:

  • Barton 
  • Bonython
  • Capital hill 
  • Woden valley 
  • Molonglo valley
  • Deakin 
  • Canberra Central 
  • Majura 
  • Pialligo 
  • Caldwell 
  • western creek 
  • Former suburbs 

We are open to accepting services across all the regions mentioned above and many more. To know more about our services or the availability of our experts in your region, contact us right away.