How To Get Rid Of Possums On A Roof? 

How To Get Rid Of Possums On A Roof? 

Creatures like possums might look warm and huggable but when it comes to disrupting a household, they are not any less. Possums are usually not that much of a threat. They find take shelter in places where they can be safe from large predators along with the weather hazards and where they can easily find food and also, safely raise their babies. But when they take shelter in people’s households, especially on the roof, the continuous sound of them running around disturbs the people living in the house. So if a possum is suspected to be sheltering in a household, immediately call an emergency possum removal company. Otherwise, the followings are written a few measures that can be taken to get rid of possums sheltering on the roof of a household. On this website, you can get to know how to get rid of possums on a roof.

Possums On A Roof

Sealing The Entry And Exit Points

First of all, it is necessary to be sure about a possum nesting in your house, and to do so, first you have to find out their entry and exit points. So after the possum leaves, you can cover them with newspaper or anything else and when the possum returns at dusk, it will push away the paper that was covering the hole, to get in. After you are sure that a possum is actually nesting in your house, further measures can be taken. 

Install Lights On The Roof

Possums usually like to take a rest in the dark so installing a light on the roof and keeping it on for a few days might help drive the possums away. Lights are one of the best things you can go for in how to get rid of possums on a roof.

Sound Devices

There are various kinds of ultrasonic devices available in the market which may also help to drive the possums away. Whenever the possum will cross the sensor, it will emit a high-pitched sound that might frighten them. These sounds are not loud enough for humans to hear but they will definitely scare off the possums. 

Substances That Have A Strong Smell

Possums tend to dislike strong smells like the smell of garlic or even mothballs. Along with that, the smell of the sprayed disinfectant around the entry point of the possums that was sealed or covered up will disrupt the possums and they might not have the courage to come back. The strong smell can be used in your search for how to get rid of possums on a roof.

Remove The Food Sources 

One of the most important reasons, a possum takes shelter in your home is easy to access food. So removing the food sources can also help to drive the possums away. Always cover the lids of the garbage can, shut them tightly and always clean up properly after having a BBQ. Do not keep any kind of fruits or vegetables out in the open and if possible, feed your pets inside your house and clean up the leftovers after they have been fed. If you have fruit trees in the garden then just pick up the fruits that have dropped or you can even prevent them from dropping on the ground by using nets. If you like to feed the birds then just do not birdseed in the ground. You can also use bird feeders and then carry them inside after sundown or at dusk.  

Avoid Feeding Possums Intentionally

 Never provide any kind of food to the possums intentionally. If you keep providing them with food then the amount of fear they have for human beings will start to decrease and they will eventually become aggressive if they are not provided with food. This is next on your list of how to get rid of possums on a roof.

Install a Possum Box

The possums with a brushtail are only going to survive if they have shelter. They would not be able to survive out in the open during the daytime because there are a lot of threats out there. They can be attacked by crows along with other domestic animals. They might also face attacks from other aggressive possums when they invade the shelters that are already occupied. In this case, it is better to provide them with a little home by installing a possum box. Fix it into a tree and place it high enough that any kind of domestic animals like cats and dogs will not be able to reach it. 

Possums generally like to explore their territory so placing some kind of fruits around the box might encourage them to investigate their new home.  

Permission Is Needed 

Possums are creatures that are protected by state legislation and it is illegal to trap and relocate a possum without any kind of permission. If permission has been granted to you then you can rent a wire mesh possum trap that various councils have. Put it on the roof, where the possum is suspected to have been nesting, and check it every morning. If you are successful in trapping a possum then it has to be released within 24 hours. This is one of the most important things about how to get rid of possums on a roof.

Trap them with care

In various countries, it is illegal to kill a possum. So after trapping them, keep them somewhere safe, away from the sunlight and also the pets in the house, and then release them far away from your residence after sundown. Release them within the territory where they were captured because they are usually not able to survive in a new territory. 


For years the habits of the possums are declining because of deforestation. Therefore now, they have learned to take shelter on the roofs of the houses that were built by cutting off the trees that once used to be their home. As we mentioned earlier, these creatures are not that much of a threat to human beings. All they want is a shelter to keep themselves safe from large and dangerous predators and weather hazards, a place where they can get easy access to food, and where they can safely raise their babies. But they can be really troublesome at times. Not only do they damage your property, but the sound of them running across the roof also disrupts the people living in the house as well. Above written are a few points that can help to drive these unwanted guests away and make your house possum free. Well, now you know how to get rid of possums on a roof.